Engagement rings come in so many different setting styles, which allows you to pick a style that perfectly suits your taste. But do you know which setting style you want for your engagement ring? To help you decide, we’ve written this engagement ring settings guide. 

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the three most popular setting styles: halo, solitaire, and sidestone settings.


Featured above is the faux trellis simple shank halo diamond engagement ring

Style: Glamorous, Eye-Catching

Halo settings are beautiful, brilliant, and glamorous. One of the best things about halo settings is that they enhance the visual impact of your center stone. The ring of diamonds that makes up this setting’s “halo” adds beautiful shimmer and tricks the eye into thinking your center diamond is quite a bit larger than it actually is. 

There are many different types of halo settings. There’s the classic halo, which is a single halo of diamonds that echos your center stone’s shape. Then there are vintage-style halos, floating halos, three stone halos, modern halos, gemstone halos, and many others. With all this variety, you can easily choose a halo setting that is tailored to your exact style. 


The ring featured above is a stunning petite four prong solitaire classic diamond engagement ring

Style: Classic, Chic 

A solitaire engagement ring is the ultimate classic. Solitaire engagement rings are defined by their “solitary” nature. A solitaire engagement ring features only one diamond or gemstone, which lets the beauty of your selected stone take center stage. 

You simply can’t go wrong with a solitaire engagement ring. Solitaire settings are timeless and will look beautiful year after year. No matter how much engagement ring trends may change over time, the solitaire will always be in style. 

One thing to remember with solitaire settings is that all the focus will be on your center stone. So we do generally recommend going with a diamond or gemstone of high quality for a solitaire setting. 


This engagement ring setting contains diamonds set in a shared prong style surrounded by milgrained bezels for an antique custom design. 

Style: Classic, With Some Extra Glam

Sidestone settings will feature side stones that amp up the shimmer of your engagement ring. Within this category, you have pave diamond side stone settings, three stone settings, and settings with both three larger diamonds and pave diamonds. Side diamonds can be any shape, though round pave diamonds are perhaps the most common. 

Sidestone settings have a classic look that’s similar to that of a solitaire setting but they’ll have more brilliance and impact. The side stones used in this setting style add more shimmer to your engagement ring and also make it look more sizable overall. This setting style is perfect for those who love the elegance of a solitaire but want a bit more sparkle and glamour.